About The Ugly Tree

The Ugly Tree is an ongoing comic book series by writer and illustrator Abrahm Akin. The story is a horror-comedy about a young woman who must team up with terrible monsters to save her family from a madman. It begins simply as an homage to the slasher films of the 80's but will soon grow into its own complex nightmare as the true story is revealed.

About The Creator

Years ago, Abrahm Akin (under the name Kill-Or), fought with Keldor against the tyranny of King Randor. At the battle of Grayskull, Keldor was horribly disfigured and Abe was exiled to a forgotten dimension. As the years of his exile pass, Abe works tirelessly to harness the powers of transdimensional magic so that he can return to Eternia to avenge his fallen commander. However, harnessing the powers of transdimensional magic is a long and tedious process so he bides his time by writing and illustrating comic books.

(Note: There is no known image of Abrahm Akin except for all that stuff on Facebook.)


About Flesh-Eating Comics

Founded in the year of darkness 2016, Flesh-Eating Comics is an independent comic book publishing company owned by Kathleen Grant and Abrahm Akin. Kathleen does the majority of the social media and is responsible for packaging and shipping. Kathleen also fights Abe to remove run-on sentences, and will often assist with the book's flat coloring. It was her contribution to the rock formation in the fourth panel of the ninth page of issue two painstakingly wrought pixel by pixel on a cold winter morning that solidified The Ugly Tree's place as a masterpiece of sequential artistry.

(let's see if she notices)